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Group Living Homes provide 24-hour staffing support to a mixed group of individuals aged 18 and over, who are developmentally disabled adults and who require daily complex care and support with multiple activities of daily living.

The structure and organization of the group home is conducive to a family style setting which provides support that facilitates integration and inclusion into their home community.

Relaxing in our home!Each resident has an Individual Support Plan and an Individual Training Program if needed.  Emphasis is on learning life skills related to personal hygiene, homemaking, meal preparation, money management, budgeting, grocery shopping, public transportation if applicable, safety, and community orientation/integration, to name a few.

Each resident is treated in an age appropriate manner with an emphasis on personal dignity and value and is provided the opportunities to develop self-confidence, to be educated on rights and social behavior.  Shared responsibilities in household tasks help increase the resident’s sense of belonging and develop independence and stability.

Nine (9) Group Living homes are located in the community of the Greater Sudbury and five (5) of these homes are barrier free, providing accessible housing for a variety of physical needs.