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Out of Home:  (1)

A Respite family registered with SDS Respite Services takes the individual into their home for a designated period of time.  The screening process includes an application form, Vulnerable Person/Police Record Check for anyone 12 years or older in the home (updated every two years), medical, references, code of confidentiality and home study.  The caregiver may select their own family who will be requested to go through the screening process of SDS Respite Services the caregiver may opt to not have their family screened through SDS Respite Services at which time they will sign a waiver which relieves SDS of any legal responsibility surrounding the relief work.  There are several advantages to out-of-home respite, including, but not limited to, a change of routine for the individual, and an opportunity to socialize and develop relationships that promote independence.  This provides the opportunity for parents to concentrate on other areas of importance in their lives, and the parents or guardian’s ability to remain in their home, to do so.

Out of Home:  (2)

Closed until further notice.

The Out of Home (2) Respite is staffed by SDS workers who are trained in all areas of care.  It is operated out of a permanent SDS location.  The caregiver will bring the individual to the program where they can stay during the day, night or for the weekend.  The program may be open during peak times during the year i.e. Christmas, March Break and summer (July/August 4 Weeks), as well as two weekends per month.

The Out of Home (2) Respite is geared to meet the needs of those individuals who are medically fragile, complex care or have behaviors that require support as well as for emergency needs of caregivers.